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Valery Solonov

General Director

About North-West Center for Demining and Special Works

North-West Center for Demining and Special Works was founded by veterans and reserve officers of Federal Security Service, Police and Ministry of Defense in close cooperation with territorial bodies of Emergency Control Ministry (EMERCOM) as a professional Emergency Rescue Unit in the framework of the Order of the President of the Russian Federation “On Organization of Participation of the Russian Federation in International Projects, Programmes and Operations on Humanitarian Demining”.

Our professionals have combat experience in demining and execution of special explosion works on the territories that were active battle fields during the Second World War as well as on the territory of Afghanistan, the Middle East and North Caucasia.

All members of our team have vast experience in combat-engineering departments, most of them have Federal and Ministerial awards such as the Order of Courage, Medal to the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, Medals for Courage, for Protection of Public Order, for Demining and other medals and badges.

We constantly upgrade our knowledge and experience thus our staff have undergone all required training and are officially certified specialists (Unified Fireman’s Certificate), trained divers and rescuers. We also have Federal Environmental, Engineering & Nuclear Supervision Agency Permission Certificates for execution and management of explosion works, which allows us to perform works on search, detection, identification and destruction of UXO on land and in water areas and to perform special explosion works.

Main principle of our work is strict adherence to national and international legislation and standards, high quality of performance, labour protection and organization of safety of staff and population.

Our company has all required certificates and license for the operation and is an Emergency Rescue Unit with the right of execution of emergency and rescue operations aiming at prompt reaction to any emergency caused by detection of UXO on land and in water areas and its safe and timely liquidation.

We have quick and effective high quality solutions to combined and complicated tasks.


  • Demining of land surface and water areas of UXO;

  • Special explosion activities;

  • Utilization of weapons and their parts;

  • Technical underwater and subsea construction activities;

  • Transportation and escorting of explosive cargoes.

North-West Center for Demining and Special Works is registered as a Civil Scouting Force of the St.Petersburg Government and performs searching activities identifying non-registered burial zones and non-buried remains of perished in the Second World War, exhumation and reinterment.

We work both in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Trust professionals!

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