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Top quality professional experience of our specialists in battle-field demining guarantees professional approach and execution of demining works.

Destruction and dismantling is the first stage in any reconstruction of industrial or private buildings. The choice of the dismantling technology depends on the engineering system, materials, size and location of the object. Special blasting works are used for efficient and quick high quality destruction of buildings, industrial pipes and constructions, destruction of concrete and iron-concrete basements.

Industrial blasting is also used in road and pipeline engineering, destruction of ice pilings, soil softening, stone quarrying, liquidation of accidental disasters, emergencies and demolition of potentially dangerous objects.

Our experienced staff performs blasting works in close cooperation with our partners “Industrial Construction Blasting Ltd.” ООО «Промстройвзрыв» Technology used is directed explosion and it strictly follows regulations and documentation and guarantees absolute safety of neighbouring buildings and structures.


  • Demolition of buildings, pipes, technological structures;

  • Destruction of concrete and iron-concrete basements;

  • Cutting metal constructions by explosion energy;

  • Destruction of ice piles;

  • Ripping rocky soil;

  • UXO Clearance;

  • Underwater blasting;

  • Emergency liquidation blasting;

Blasting is most efficient and sometimes even the cheapest way of demolishing buildings. Vast experience shows outstanding effectiveness of the method. It minimizes labour and other costs in comparison with other industrial methods.

Our work consists of several stages and includes the following:

  • Analytical research of the object’s condition;

  • Selection of efficient demolition method;

  • Execution of works.

Deep professional preparation makes our work efficient and allows us to avoid any mistakes. That is why our clients are happy to recommend us to their partners and colleagues.

Notwithstanding possible complications and materials our company is able to perform demolishing in the best way possible. You need industrial blasting demolition in the following cases:

  • Industrial facilities;

  • Vast areas of hard material;

  • Multi storey constructions.

Benefits of our work:

North West Center for Demining and Special Works executes demolishing of buildings in the proper order and on a very high professional level.

Skills, experience and knowledge of our specialists proved to be highly valuable for building demolition. We have all required permission certificates and licenses for these activities. Thus we are able to provide efficient and safe results accompanied by:

  • Individual approach to every project;

  • Working strict to the contract deadline;

  • Best contract price;

  • We follow the Law;

  • All our practical experience for your benefit.

Once we start cooperation you will be surprised at high level of our performance and you will see that dismounting of buildings is the job we do effectively and efficiently.

We provide absolute safety and guarantee the highest quality.

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